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Past and Present


Within the "Gunners Past and Present" section we celebrate our Notable Gunners by documenting their significant awards, achievements, remember our fallen providing obituaries of their life and service to our nation, identify those that held key appointments throughout our Corps with biographies of those that held the various appointments.

Over time this section will grow to identify the sacrafices and celebrate the achievements of Gunners at all levels Past and Present.

Obituaries Gunners of Renown
Gunners Tales
Head of Regiment Colonel Commandant
Where available the Obituary
of fallen Gunners
Gunners of Renown
Gunners Tales
Bio's of Past Heads of Regiment
(Directorate of Artillery and
Directorate Royal Artillery)
Bio's of our past and present
Colonel Commandants
Commanding Officers Regimental Sergeant-Majors Master Gunners Artillery Awards
Defence Honours and Awards
Bio's of our past and present
Commanding Officers
Bio's of our past and present
Regimental Sergeant-Majors
Bio's of our past and present
Master Gunners
List and description of the various
Artillery Awards past and present and Defence Honours and Awards
and Recipiens.

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