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Initially Colonel Commandants, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery were appointed for each Military District of Australia. The Military Districts were state based and were numbered 1 Military District (QLD), 2 Military District (NSW), 3 Military District (VIC) 4 Military District (SA), 5 Military District (WA) and 6 Military District (TAS).
The demise of the Military District structure led to regional appointments. There are currently five Colonels Commandant, one for each of the Northern, Tasmanian & Central (including Northern Territory), Southern, Western and Eastern Military Regions. One Colonel Commandant is “double hated as the Representative Colonel Commandant.
Recommendations for the appointment of Colonels Commandant are made by the HOR through the Army Executive for approval by the CA. Each Colonel Commandant is appointed for a period determined by the CA. Extensions to this tenure may be considered. The duties of the Colonels Commandant are to:

* Foster esprit de corps, the general welfare of the Regiment and its standing in the community;
* Give advice and assistance to the HOR and the Representative Colonel Commandant on RAA Regimental matters such as customs, history, traditions and memorials;
* Act as the point of contact between the Regimental Committee and the various RAA organisations and associations that exist within their appointed area;
* Participate as a member of the RAA Regimental Committee, and advise on the management of the RAA Regimental Fund;
* Visit RAA units and represent the Regiment at appropriate occasions; and
* Assist the Representative Colonel Commandant in relation to any other matter of Regimental concern.

Use the links below to view bio of the current incumbent and past Colonel Commandants of the various regions.
Representative Colonel Commandant
Colonel Commandant Northern Region
Colonel Commandant Southern Region
Colonel Commandant Eastern Region
Colonel Commandant Central Region
Colonel Commandant Western Region      
Colonel Commandant Tasmanian Region      

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