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(Last updated 12 December 2012)


The aim of the Artillery Register is to record the existence of all heritage artillery pieces in Australia and provide information on the gun's history.

Progress to Date

Only New South Wales has been recorded but work continues on the other States and Territories. The Register will, where possible, provide information on where the gun can be physically viewed. To ensure that privacy is not compromised the physical location of guns in private collections will not be provided unless the owner has agreed.

Artillery in Australia

Guns arrived with the First Fleet in 1788 and as the nation expanded and technology improved the number and type of guns increased. Old guns were discarded and many of these were lost but many still exist and to the public little is known about a particular gun. We hope the register will not only provide information on each gun but also encourage those responsible to care for and maintain them in a fitting manner. Whilst other countries contain more examples of guns over a longer period of history Australia has many rare examples. Some even pre-date the arrival of European settlement such as guns from Captain Cook’s "Endeavour" and Captain Bligh's "Bounty".

How You Can Help

Travellers/enthusiasts and custodians’ are encouraged to help us maintain the Register so that the information it contains remains current. Guns are movable objects and therefore it possible for them to be removed from their present location. They can also deteriorate due to their exposure to the elements or be restored. It is important that the information be as current as possible. You can contact the Gun Registry member for further information.

We wish to acknowledge the support of the New South Wales Heritage Office whose provision of a grant has allowed us to commence this Register.

Gun Cyphers England

The history of a gun or the period in which it was made can, sometimes only be calculated by the identification of various markings on the gun. These marking are usually the Cypher or Crest of the various Kings and Queens of England or those of the Masters General of the Ordnance. To assist you in identifying both guns and gun markings we have put together 3 documents: What Gun is That ?, the Kings and Queens of England and the Masters General of the Ordnance and their respective Cypher or Crest. To view What Gun is That ? the Kings and Queens of England and the Masters General of the Ordnance use the links below:

What Gun is That ?      
Kings and Queens of England - 1714 to Present    
Masters General of the Ordnance 1544 - 1855    
Commence Searching for a gun.

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