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The vision is to provide a living memorial to Australian Artillery by deploying the gun and team for commemorative events starting in 1915 for the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli. To enable this the RAAHC seeks to raise a total of $350,000.

How You Can Help

Like all projects this project will require funding and the RAAHC will actively seek grants and donations to complete the task. The RAAHC has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 Sub-Division 30.15 Item 1 and 4. Consequently, all cash donations in excess of $2.00 are tax deductible.

Should you wish to donate In Memory of a relative or friend who has passed, you are encouraged to identify as much information as is possible such as full name, rank, unit, post nominals, and advice if the person was Killed In Action (KIA) to enable us to record this information below.

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List of Donors:
4th Field Regiment (SVN) Association
7th Field Regiment RAA Association
12th Field Regiment (Vietnam) Association
A Field Battery Association Inc
101 Field Battery Malaya Association
131 Locators Association Inc
BAE Systems

Belgium Embassy

Berrima District Rotary Club
Commercial Maintenance

Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs

Fairlie Cartage Pty Ltd
Flintex (G.K. Brown & Co)
Fort Lytton Historical Association Incorporated
GB Electrical
Goulburn Kangaroo March
Gunning District Historical Society
Granger Forge & Engineering Pty Ltd
Hall & District Collectors Association / Village of Hall Progress Association
Inverell Kurrajong Re-enactment Committee Inc
LTA Fire
Multi Air Australia
National Gunner Dinner Donations
National Servicemen’s Association (NSW)
Packer Leather
Palloys Group
Queensland Government

Royal Australian Artillery Association (Queensland)
Royal Australian Artillery Association (New South Wales)
Royal Australian Artillery Association (Western Australia)
Dick & Pip Smith Foundation
The Registered Clubs Association NSW
Current Total
Ahearn Ian In Memory of SGT Alan William Ahearn 1 RAR and 8 RAR -  KIA 14th May 1970
Annett G.    
Armistead S.    
Armstrong B. & S. RAA  
Bassan Ron RAA  
Beaton Greg    
Blink B.    
Brown M    
Browning K.    
Burke A. Colonel  
Cartwright Ian    
Clark G.S.    
Clarsen H. RA INF  
Colley F.    
Connery David RAA  
Cowper D. RAE  
Cox J. Brigadier  
Cornell Dianne    
Crane M. Major General  
Crawford M.C.    
Darlington I. RAA  
Davey J. RAE  
Davies A.    
Evans N.    
Floyd G. RAA  
Foley A.    
Ford T.R. Major General  
Foxall Bill    
Gardiner Tracey    
Gebbett F.    
Glyde Keith    
Gower S. Major General  
Grimes G. & C.    
Grimes W.H. RAA  
Haines Brian In Memory of 1608 Driver Edgar Baxter Jones 4th Division Artillery Column
Hall R.G.    
Hampton T.G. RAA  
Hiles Ray Bombardier  
Hughes B. RAE  
Jobson C. RAA  
Kilpatrick P.    
Lawrence P. RAA  
Lowry R.    
McArthur Stuart    
Macpherson John    
Macpherson Ewan Fergus Lord In Memory of 2LT, 64th Battery 5th Brigade Lahore Artillery (Royal Field Artillery Special Reserve), KIA
Macpherson Jack Machattie Lord In Memory of 2LT, Macpherson, 410th Battery, 96 Field Artillery Brigade (RFA Special Reserve)
Macpherson Lachlan Charles Lord In Memory of LCPL 18 Battalion 1 AIF, KIA
Macpherson Randolph George Lord In Memory of 26th Bty 7th FAB
McDonell A.R. RAA Major  
McKenna T.J.    
McNeill R.B.    
McVay D.V.    
Pearson E. RA INF  
Oleiniczak V. RAA  
Pollitt John RAA  
Potter G.    
Rehn J.    
Reid William    
Salmon G.T. Brigadier  
Salter K. RAA Captain (Retd)  
Samuel R. RAA Captain (Retd)  
Smith A. RAA  
Smith L.    
Smith P.J.    
Smith R. & J. RA SIGS  
Spencer Peter    
Stark B. Colonel  
Stephens J.P. Major General  
Tinkler J. Father  
Townley J.H. RAA  
Troedel D    
Waterman William    
Williams V.H. Brigadier  

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